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"Your career, inspired."

BI3 Careers

BI3 Careers is focused on gaining INSIGHTS about your organization


BI3 Careers is delivering talent that makes an IMPACT


BI3 Careers is INSPIRING others


About Us


BI3 Careers combines insight, intuition and experience to form a creative and unique approach to deliver candidates who will have a positive impact on your business.



Career coaching helps individuals who want to find a fulfilling career that utilizes their strengths and complements their values and interests. Recent college graduates, adults considering a career change, or those re-entering the workforce, can benefit from working with a career coach who will help them establish professional goals, create a plan, and overcome obstacles.

 BI3 Careers offering a 10-hour course curriculum that starts with assessing and understanding your strengths, determining an action plan to target desired industries and companies, creates your resume and personal brand, and leads to career fulfillment. 


BI3 Careers can assist organizations with a variety of strategy consulting services.  We offer Strategy Framework Models that can help create a plan for your top line business objectives. 

 We also work with our clients on solving specific business issues. We utilize a combination of the industry's best practices to determine root cause, create remediation plans, and provide delivery services using a flexible, cost effective model.  Our consultants have a proven track record of successful delivery for our clients. 



"I have known and worked with Colleen DiFabio for the past 11 years. She is entirely client-focused, delivering creative solutions aligned with her client’s strategic needs. On the number of occasions Collen and I worked together, she took great care to ensure that she fully understood my goals, which led to her delivering excellent results. Colleen brings a relentless drive and infectious enthusiasm wherever she focuses her efforts and has a noticeable impact on any client fortunate enough to work with her."

 John Janney - Sr. Vice President, Transformation Independence Blue Cross

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